Exemplary case of cross-border trade e-commerce related enterprises and supervision departments' information interconnection is realized through cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service system. The business solution covers four modes of cross-border e-commerce and includes Hong Kong Airport Super Mainline business:


Exemplary case of cross-border e-commerce direct mail BC business: 

relying on the geographical advantages of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Macao artificial island, Zhuhai-Macao cross-border industrial zone, Zhuhai cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone special policy, and 24-hour fast customs clearance port advantage, professional foreign trade comprehensive service team of East Changer provides one-stop comprehensive service for cross-border e-commerce direct mail BC business. It can clear customs efficiently, shorten logistics time and save costs.


Business features of exemplary case of BC direct mail business:

1. Simple customs declaration procedures, one-time declaration in domestic, fast, short distance, trusted by overseas direct purchase consumers

2. Artificial island of Macao is under the jurisdiction of Macao and is not affected by domestic customs policy.

3. Advantages of first settle and clearance then, integration to other regions meet the requirements of first-line import and export.


Exemplary case of cross-border e-commerce bonded online shopping BBC import business: 

provide one-stop convenient services such as customs declaration, inspection, logistics and distribution, bonded warehousing, tax refund, etc. for