First shipment in Gongbei Customs District. East Changer declared for importing goods by means of cross-border e-commerce bonded stocking mode "Bonded E-commerce A (1239)" successfully


On September 13, 2018, in the support of the relevant departments of Zhongshan Customs and other departments, and with the unremitting efforts of the team of eastchanger Company, Zhongshan eastchanger Logistics Co., Ltd. through the "bonded e-commerce A (1239)" trade, in Zhongshan Bonded Logistics The center successfully declared the first ticket of Gongbei District to import goods under the cross-border e-commerce bonded stocking mode “bonded e-commerce A (1239)”. The goods entered the country from South Korea, and the second-line nuclear release area was completed by the Customs of Zhongshan Bonded Logistics Center. The implementation of this project marks the official landing of the “Online Shopping Bonded 1239” business model in Gongbei District, which provides more convenient conditions for the surrounding citizens to consume high-quality imported goods, and further improves the regional cross-border e-commerce industry chain.

Cross-border e-commerce bonded stocking mode “Bonded E-Commerce A (1239)” refers to cross-border e-commerce retail import business carried out in a special customs supervision area or bonded logistics center (type B) in a bonded mode. The goods purchased by e-commerce companies from the whole world are imported into the warehouse from the whole batch of bonded areas. The e-commerce platform receives orders online, sorts and sorts offline, and the order parcels are distributed from the bonded logistics center warehouse to the domestic market. Nowadays, cross-border e-commerce, as a new foreign trade format, has been booming and has great market potential and vitality under the improvement of the national e-commerce operating environment and related policies.

eastchanger Company actively promotes the implementation of this cross-border e-commerce project, and combines existing resources and experience to scientifically formulate reasonable solutions to provide a strong guarantee for the smooth customs clearance of e-commerce enterprises. As a one-stop service integrated trade service platform integrating trade and trade services, logistics and distribution services, information construction and solutions, it will continue to provide professional and efficient quality services for import and export enterprises, and meet the existing business needs of enterprises. At the same time, it will help reduce the operating costs of foreign trade enterprises, increase profit margins, strengthen market competitiveness, and promote the development of cross-border e-commerce.