East Changer and Zhuhai City Polytechnic started a new school-enterprise cooperation project


Recently, Eastchanger Company and Zhuhai City Vocational and Technical College reached an agreement to open a new school-enterprise cooperation project to build a long-term, close and pragmatic cooperation mechanism. Eastchanger Company and Zhuhai City have received enthusiastic response since the school-enterprise cooperation relationship was launched in 2017. The school-enterprise cooperation project deepened the integration of production and education, and established a teaching team through the establishment of the “Zhudong Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service Practice Teaching Base” to provide students with training venues and business elite guidance, and introduced the real business of Eastchanger Company as a teaching resource. Use the Eastchanger training course to cultivate students' core competences in professional fields such as trade service, logistics and distribution service, and information construction, so that students can share the resources of the East, combine school and business practice, and improve their practical ability. Strive to become a practical talent in line with the needs of the industry market.

Eastchanger Company attaches great importance to team building and talent cultivation, and actively fulfills its social responsibilities while developing its business. Adhering to the development mission of returning to the society, Eastchanger Company will continue to carry forward the spirit of “Fulfilling Responsibility, Dare to Take Care, Serve the Society”, assist the school to cultivate more valuable talents, and achieve mutual benefit and common development with the school.