Cross-border e-commerce operation Executive

College degree or above

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the company's cross-border e-commerce platform;

Responsible for planning various marketing methods to promote the continuous activeness of platform users;

Analyze and organize product keywords, optimize product rankings, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of cross-border e-commerce promotion;

Track the situation of similar products and major competitors, collect and analyze market information, and constantly adjust and optimize the work of product uploading and maintenance, loading and unloading, etc.



 Level 4 or above in English, with good written expression and oral communication skills;

 Extroverted, strong communication and clear thinking;

Good data analysis and logic analysis ability, strong independent thinking ability;

 Experience in e-commerce operation or network promotion or foreign trade experience;

Be familiar with cross-border e-commerce operations, and have certain experience in organizing and managing cross-border e-commerce operations teams.