Simple processing

Introduction of service

bonded logistics area has the function of “outside the customs and within the boundary”. According to the relevant regulations, if the products entering the area are only processed of simple processing without significantly changes, the HS code remains unchanged. If the package, labels and barcodes are changed, origin of the products after simple processing can be marked with the origin of the raw materials

Service value

● Provision of value-added services for circulation increases the value of bonded warehousing goods;

●No need for cumbersome procedures, import duties, import guarantee, import license, exemption from formal import/export declaration;

● Comprehensive inventory information inquiry service is provided.

Bonded VMI

Introduction of service

bonded VMI is a bonded cooperative strategy between customers and suppliers. For both parties, it optimizes the availability of the product at the lowest cost. Inventories are managed by suppliers under a mutually agreed target framework, which are regularly monitored and revised to create a continuously improved bonded logistics environment.

Service value

● Customers can outsource non-core business and reduce management cost;

●Zero inventory production is achieved, and market resilience will be strong;

● Total cost will be leading, and competitiveness will be improved;

● Suppliers can deliver in bulk quantities according to orders, reducing logistics comprehensive costs. Meanwhile, it meets the demands of different trade methods; batch or centralized distribution, distribution of reports delivering goods in batches and making centralized customs declaration can achieve the lowest cost of both parties.

Exchange service

Introduction of service

East Changer can handle quality problems or disputes when return or exchange are needed.

Service value

With the support of strong warehousing management capabilities, East Changer has high efficiency and safety in dealing with problems. East Changer can process the re-branding, packaging, transshipment and other operations quickly after receiving the return, so that the customer's goods can once again gain value and reduce the loss of goods.