Introduction of service

solve the problems of import and export enterprise certification, special tutoring of application and review of AEO, AEO special training and consulting services to help enterprises pass customs certification successfully.

Service value

●  Conduct comprehensive audits of all-round, racking and counseling of non-conformities, simulation certification, assist enterprises to manage application procedures, share policy information and publicity regularly;

● Standardized guidance on internal management of enterprises from the perspectives of internal control, financial status, compliance standards, and trade security. Improve the internal management level and practical level of the enterprise comprehensively, and assist the enterprise to pass review and certification;

● Provide special training of AEO for enterprises, thus to fully understand relevant regulations and implementation standards of AEO certification;

●  Provide enterprises with interpretation and promotion services related to AEO laws and regulations, AEO certification standards consulting services, AEO certification on-site practical consulting services, AEO certification problem solving services, etc.