Introduction of service

provide assessment of application conditions, guidance on application; provide or guide feasibility analysis report according to business situation and regional location of the enterprise, design ocean bill of lading according to the demand; provide or guide the insurance of the margin or NVOCC non-vessel carrier business operator liability insurance , water transport information system operation training of the Ministry of Communications; provide the acquisition of non-vessel carrier qualification certificate business and other service products.

Service value

 Enterprises can outsource their business, thus shortening the time for obtaining certificates and realizing the rapid development of non-vessel shipping business and improving competitiveness;

 Agency on NVOCC of East Changer has strong information support and high-quality process management capabilities in the service of goods distribution, transshipment, booking, customs declaration, warehousing, loading and unloading, customs tax rebate, and insurance purchase. Compared with the legal relationship of the freight forwarding contract, NVOCC and the shipper form a contractual relationship for the carriage of goods by sea for the bill of lading, which can better perform the duties of both parties and is the key help and guarantee for enterprise to maintain its superiority.